About us

Passion, Creativity and Challenge, Global No.1 Healthcare Company


Thank you for visiting us. I am In-Hwa Chung, the CEO of Sungwun Pharmacopia Co., Ltd.

Sungwun Pharmacopia is a R&D-oriented company established in 2007 with a grand dream of establishing a global drug technology development platform. Through many challenges, we have built a platform for developing new biopharmaceutical raw materials and synthetic raw materials, devoted enthusiasm to the synthesis team and its realization, and create a number of achievements by collaborating with a number of companies and organizations for research. We are continuing our efforts to commercialize our research results. In particular, in collaboration with Indonesian state pharmaceutical company, PT. Kimia Farma, we established the first GMP plant for APIs and pharmaceutical Intermediates in Indonesia in 2017, realizing the establishment of a global pharmaceutical technology development platform promoted by our company, and through this, we are able to spread our technology to the global market. In addition, the company's development of new bio drugs centered on microbium is conducting R&D through various pipelines such as stroke, obesity, and diabetes, and we expect that our R&D will greatly contribute to human health and disease prevention. Sungwun Pharmacopia will continue to make continuous efforts to achieve its dream of establishing a global pharmaceutical technology development platform and the goal of becoming a Global No.1 Healthcare Company. We always express our gratitude for the support of many people who pray for our dreams and goals.

CEO Dr. In-Hwa Chung