Introduction of Sungwun Pharmacopia R&D Center

R&D Center (Synthesis R&D Center / Bio R&D Center)

  • Sungwun Pharmacopia R&D Center

    Sungwun Pharmacopia Synthesis/Bio R&D Center has been developing synthetic products focusing on intermediates, raw materials, electronic materials, cosmetics raw materials, and bio products such as fermented microorganisms, enzymes, and human-derived microorganisms. We have various networks and pipelines through collaboration with many domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies. Based on this, we are aiming to become a global research company through collaboration with multinational pharmaceutical companies and licensing strategies by discovering and developing excellent tasks that require innovative products and advanced technology.

  • Improving the Differentiation and Flexibility through Separation and Concentration

    Sungwun Pharmacopia's R&D Center is a differentiation strategy that separates and operates as a synthetic R&D Center and a bio R&D Center. We are studying biopharmaceuticals using existing chemical drugs and next-generation technologies at the same time, adding flexibility to technology development, and improving the possibility of success of innovative products and excellent product development through organic collaboration and efficient resource distribution in each research field.

  • Continuous investment in R&D

    The R&D Center of Sungwun Pharmacopia has been investing in research and development since its establishment. We have a synthetic R&D Center in South Korea and Indonesia, respectively, to build and build a pipeline for technology development, and to optimize it for customer needs by region to increase the capacity for commissioned research and production.
    Bio R&D Center has microbiome pipelines for various diseases such as ischemic stroke, periodontitis, Alzheimer's, bacterial vaginitis, and atopy, and is conducting R&D, which aims to develop new drugs.

  • One Team of Wide Experience and Competence

    Researchers at the Sungwun Pharmacopia R&D Center have been constantly experiencing, passionate and challenging experiences
    We are continuing to innovate and achieve. We have successfully transferred technology and mass commercial production of a number of raw materials and chemical synthetic products to Indonesia. In the field of microbiome, the development of therapeutic agents for ischemic stroke as an indication has taken a step further to commercialization, such as license-out. In addition, we have filed and registered dozens of patents so far and are focusing on the development of innovative products and application technologies to prepare for the rapidly changing global pharmaceutical market.


Microbiome Pipeline
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Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients(APIs) Pipeline
No. API Name Indication Progress
1 Erdosteine Expectorant Under development
2 Clopidogrel Bisulfate Platelet Cohesion Suppression Under development
3 Rabeprazole PPI(Proton Pump Inhabitor) Under development
4 CNU Cholesterol Gallbladder Disease Under development
5 Nafamostat Pancreatic Inflammation Under development
6 Mirodenafil Prostate Hypertrophy Under development
7 Peramivir Antiviral Drugs Under development
8 Lubiprostone Irritable Bowel Syndrome Under development
9 R-(+)-Dexlansoprazole Esophagitis Under development
10 Edoxaban Venous Thromboembolism Under development
11 Nintedanib Pulmonary Fibrosis Under development
12 Tofacitinib Hair Loss Under development

Under Development


Microbiome Research & Development
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Chemical APIs Research & Development
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